The Importance of Advertising

Bring Success To Your Business Faster

What is the importance of advertising on radio or tv? What is advertising going to do for your business?

To be successful today, you need to do more than just open your doors and hope that customers will come in.

Why did you get into your business? How are you different or better than your competitors? How do your potential customers know about that difference if they haven’t done business with you? What is advertising going to tell people? It’s going to communicate what’s special about your business to people who may want or need it.

There are many different media types and vehicles of advertising. The most inexpensive is word of mouth advertising. This is when someone uses your product or service and tells others about their experience with you. Of course, there are many problems with relying on this type of advertising including the fact it could take a really long time before enough of their friends hear about it and act on the recommendation. You could have a great product, but go broke before anyone finds out about it.

What is advertising on radio and tv going to accomplish? What is the importance of advertising on radio and tv? Here’s a list of just a few reasons to advertise on radio and tv:

Awareness– let people know about your product or service. You can reach more people with messages about your business than you do by just setting up shop and placing a sign on the door.

Branding– what do you want people to think or feel about you?

Create an image– What type of image do you want to project? Advertising can make a small mom & pop operation appear to be a huge business. It can make you appear glamorous, sophisticated, sincere, or trustworthy.

Create a sense of urgency– Get people to a sale or act on an offer. What is advertising on tv and radio going to do for you if you if you don’t give your customer a reason to jump on your offer? The importance of advertising a good call to action can mean all the difference to your cash flow.

Keep up with the competition– give specific information about your product or service that sets you apart from your competition. Influence their purchasing decisions to get them to walk through your door. Once they’re there, though, selling them on your product or service is up to you.

Build recognition for your business– People might not need your product or service now, but if your brand is well known, they’ll think of you when they do need your product or service.

Target– speak to specific groups of people who have a need for your product or service. What is advertising to people who are not likely to buy your product going to do? Waste your money. That’s the importance of advertising efficiently; it makes your advertising dollars more effective.

Remain top of mind– remind customers to come back to your business.

Act as another salesperson– imagine having an extra sales person pounding the pavement telling thousands of people about your business. That’s what a radio or tv commercial can do. Only, you can get into people’s homes, cars and businesses without having the door slammed in your face. And if you have a sales force out there pounding the pavement, it makes it a lot easier for them to get in to speak to your customer when your customer has been warmed up by your commercial.

What is advertising going to do for your business?

The bottom line: when executed properly, radio and tv advertising can make you money faster. Now we’ll show you the importance of advertising using a good plan…