Buying Television Advertising

Buying TV Advertising, Buying Media

The goal of buying television advertising is to purchase time on the programs your target customer is watching, not necessarily one individual TV station.

By now you should have your target customer profile from your Identifying Your Target Customer Worksheet. This should give you the information you need to request a proposal.

Each broadcast channel has a network affiliation, so it will run programming from ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. (Cable TV is a whole different animal, and should be purchased differently.) Those are the major television broadcasters in your area. Each station will air primetime network programming and news. So look for the programs that you like and the ones you think your potential customers are watching.

Call the sales department of each of the above TV stations in your market and ask your sales person, or Account Executive, for a media kit. At this time you can also give them an RFP, or ask for a proposed one-week schedule.

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The schedule should include commercials in their prime, daytime, news and fringe dayparts. Click here to learn more about TV dayparts for buying TV advertising. Be sure to ask for each program’s demographic ratings. There are two types of ratings: household and demographic ratings. Stations sometimes use household ratings to make their numbers look bigger. Make sure they use demographic ratings.

TV price

The overall schedule should include:

 Target demographic ratings

√ Number of times your commercial will run per week in each program

√ Reach

√ Frequency

√ Number of commercials per week

√ Cost or Rate (cost per spot on each program and overall weekly schedule & cost)

You also should receive a listing of all the proposed programs or dayparts. It should include the program’s share and ratings information so you’ll know the audience size of the programs you’re buying. They should include CPP, or cost per point of each program, so you’ll be able to compare the efficiency of each program to help you with the process of buying TV advertising.

Before we move on, you should know that your commercials can be preempted. Click here to make sure you understand what this means, and for more buying television advertising terms.

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What are the advantages of advertising on TV?

Now that you’ve collected all of your data, you’re ready to move on and start the negotiating process, evaluate your options, and create a media plan.