Benefits of Radio Advertising

People are bombarded with advertising messages all day, every day. If you want to get your prospects attention, you need to be able to cut through the clutter, and hit them with your message over and over again so they don’t forget you.

People who tune in to radio (about 93% of us according to the Radio Advertising Bureau), are generally loyal listeners. They have about three or four favorite radio stations they listen to on a regular basis.

Because of radio stations’ formats, their listeners tend to have similarities. They tend to be within a certain age range and have similar lifestyle preferences. Some stations tend to draw more of one gender than another. For instance, a station that plays “Oldies” music will draw Baby Boomers. A sports station will tend to appeal more to men.

What this means for a business is that you are able to target a specific group of people that are more likely to buy your product or service. For instance, if you’re a chiropractor, you’ll probably have more luck converting an older person with more aches and pains than a teenager.

Use our Identify Your Target Customer worksheet to help you zero in on your most profitable prospect.

Another benefit to advertising on radio is the loyalty of it’s listeners. They know the station’s personalities and they tune in for entertainment and information. Radio is particularly great for cities with a lot of traffic.

This loyalty allows you to develop a relationship with these listeners. Over time, you can convince them to try your product or service, and increase the frequency of repeat or referral business.

The best use of radio is frequency. Radio makes it affordable to reach this loyal listener over and over again in a short time span. Let’s face it, in this competitive advertising environment, and with hectic lives, you need to get your message across several times before anyone knows who you are and remembers your name. How often have you met someone, shook their hand, and forgot their name five minutes later?

But what if your product is visual? Radio has the most vivid pictures of any medium- it uses your prospects imagination. Have you heard the phrase, “sell the sizzle, not the steak?” With radio, you can get your prospect to imagine the sizzle, the aroma, the flavor and the grill marks. With a great ad, you can make their mouth water and their stomach’s grumble. I’ve even heard radio ads that make the product sound better than they really are!

The other benefit of radio advertising is it can cost next to nothing to get a commercial produced. Most radio stations will produce a commercial for free as long as you buy air-time on their station. And you can change your commercial message easily, usually at no additional cost.

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